A&W Restaurants, Inc.

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A&W Restaurants, Inc., is a chain of fast-food restaurants distinguished by its draft root beer and root beer floats. A&W started opening franchises in California in 1923. The company name was taken from the surname initials of two partners.

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A&W Restaurants, Inc. - Most Recent Written Reviews
I want to start my review by saying - I
I want to start my review by saying - I make homemade pizza weekly! I called to place my order and when they told me it would be 40 mins I mentioned that maybe I would order another time.  The man on the phone quickly said how long would I wait for my pizzas - I told him 15 mins and he told me to come to the restaurant that they would be ready in 15 mins! Show More
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28th Jun 2018
I love this place!
I love this place! I placed my order and got my food quickly. The hot dogs are comparable to Portillo's and the cheese curds are better than Culver's. The mugs are a nice touch. And somehow the root beer tastes better here. "Made in store" means what? Doesn't matter, it's great.
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6th Jun 2018
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