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Botswana, officially the Republic of Botswana, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Citizens refer to themselves as Batswana. Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name after becoming independent.

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We travelled through the central kalahari with our kids, the
We travelled through the central kalahari with our kids, the information we received was sooo bad, there are no filling stations or proper signage you can easily get lost, this was definitely a stressful 3 days trying to get from a to b ther are extremely loose sad everywhere so 4x4 all the way don't tri this without 100L of exstra fuel you won't make it tri and book a few campsites in between your destination as the 4x4 stress is to much, we hardly saw anything because you have to concentrate on the road in front of you the whole time Show More
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13th Aug 2018
Not long back from Letaksa’s 10 day Northern highlights safari
Not long back from Letaksa’s 10 day Northern highlights safari NH5 starting in May. This rates as one of the two best trips we have ever been on, up there with the Galapagos, although the two are, of course, somewhat different despite being wildlife based. Back to the Safari, we were fortunate that with only three of us we had more room to spread out in the vehicle. Our guide, Matambo, was second to none with his tracking skills finding us some unforgettable moments. Every day we said over dinner “How can he beat today?” The next day he did, with everything from a leopardess with her cub to lions, with just about everything else in between. On our last morning, just after sunrise, we watched four lions, which Matambo found the previous evening after everyone else had given up, eating their wildebeest kill. A great way to finish and we would vote him Guide of the Year if we could! I have to say, however, that we spent quite a bit of time “off track” which, whilst exhilarating and getting results, does need some effort as it can be a bumpy ride, as well as dodging branches and bushes. That said we wouldn’t have had it any other way! The camp organisation was second to none. Always welcomed back with iced tea and a cold flannel to wipe away the dust. The tents were comfortable with an enclosed “bathroom area” with shower, plus comfortable beds. Good food, different every day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner served at the camp. All cooked on an open fire or bush oven including bread and cakes, my wife was impressed! With morning coffee/tea whilst out in the bush, and afternoon tea before heading off on the afternoon drive, we didn’t go hungry! We are certainly glad that we picked a mobile safari with Letaka, as opposed to staying in a lodge. We were closer to the action with early starts and late finishes each day increasing the number of animal sightings. The sounds at night were great too with all sorts of game quite close. Daytime included an elephant alongside our tent picking up seed pods during an afternoon siesta. Show More
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14th Jul 2018
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