Cape Verde

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Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. The islands cover slightly over 1,500 sq miles. Cape Verde is a member of the African Unoin.

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Stunning beach on the east coast of the island which
Stunning beach on the east coast of the island which is ideal for a beach walk or run. Miles of white sand and absolutely stunning. Local beachside restaurant/bar which is ideal for a snack meal or just drinks
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13th Aug 2018
We booked this trip with a local on the beach,
We booked this trip with a local on the beach, Called "Jason Nice Guy" from ZiTours. (Going through Tui would cost you 75 euros per head, Local 25 per head). In my opinion its a little disappointing. You spend quite some time sitting on a bench in the back of a 4WD bouncing around in the wind (Yeah i know there is no control over the wind), However the sand is in your face a lot. Other passengers were selfish and didn't want to swap around between sights. Swimming with sharks (i heard as didn't go in) was fascinating and you can feel safe, although you are quite a distance from shore. Then we went to the Salt Lake for a dip and thoroughly enjoyed it (30 min stop), then on to see the "Blue Eye". Again around a 30 min stop but it is interesting. Once there, orders are taken for your lunch which are forwarded over the phone to the next stop, a very nice Restaurant. But here i think is the con... after the restaurant you have one last stop which lasts around 10, 15 min just to take photos from the bay of the "Sleeping Lion Mountain" before going back to your hotel. You do not need to order food and have a meal as around 45 min after the Blue eye, you would be back at your Hotel anyway. It's your choice and expect to pay around 30 euros for 2 people. They swap sights around depending on the time of day or weather. Overall worth going, but personally i felt like yu just had a Taxi from A to B as not really a guide to tell you history or about the place Show More
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14th Jul 2018
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