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Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia, is a sovereign state at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. Its capital city is Zagreb. The country's population is 4.28 million, most of whom are Croats.

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The cruise was nice (beautiful old boat, lovely day, costumes
The cruise was nice (beautiful old boat, lovely day, costumes to try and friendly staff) but it all felt a bit gimmicky, especially the Game of Thrones theme tune on repeat, surely there are other songs to play? We were not fans of the walking tour as they are just making money off taking you to public spaces in town, you don't actually get to go inside the places where most scenes were filmed. The guide was knowledgeable, but we could hardly hear as we kept stopping in noisy spots - may be time to use head sets like they do in Italy. We also assumed the cruise would be a return trip, but no they got us off quick to load the boat up for another cruise - again just feels like they are in a rush to make money. Show More
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14th Jul 2018
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