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Hong Kong, officially Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the southern coast of China. With total land of 2,754 km2 and 7.2 million residents of various nationalities.

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This tour was well worth the cost ! Long day
This tour was well worth the cost ! Long day but worth it too. Alex the tour guide is fantastic ! He knows everyone at the border crossings and gets you through without any problems. The guide in China was excellent very knowledgeable and explained everything at the different sites. He english was excellent as well. I stayed close to him and it was like a personal tour. All the stops were good but I liked the preschool, market and temple. Found the logistics to be perfect. No small task to have multiple buses position in all the right spot to make this work. You couldn’t do this trip yourself without long waits for transportation from site to site. My wife left a shopping bag on the last bus to our hotel. Got in contact with the tour operator and Alex our tour guide found it the next day. He went way beyond and brought it to our hotel that day ! Really a great guy. I highly recommend this tour ! Show More
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28th Jul 2018
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