Tiepus Empowers the Consumer

A new and exciting consumer website has launched on the internet, transcending the traditional online review process and paving a new way for consumers to exercise their power in the marketplace. Tiepus.com will lead the consumer into the next decade giving them more control over which products will trend in the coming years. In an economy where consumer choices are overshadowed by big business budget and marketing, consumers will have the opportunity to make their opinions heard, share this with everyone they know, and collectively, with other consumers, make the marketplace more accountable and competitive.

Why Tiepus is Different

Tiepus.com is not just another review site or platform. Other websites or businesses only allow you to review or rate a product or service after using it. Tiepus.com offers a way for consumers to also review and rate the actual business, not just the product or service. And it doesn’t end there. Tiepus.com users can also review all types of businesses, small and large, including utility companies, search engines, and other natural or consumer driven monopolies. Users have the option to suggest a new company to Tiepus.com, rate existing companies, cast a vote, and read or watch the reviews of other users. Tiepus.com accepts both written and video reviews, and uploading those reviews can be done from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop.

Tiepus : A Reference for the Future

Tiepus.com has over a dozen categories, including radio stations, video games, animals, apps, websites, and more. Tiepus.com users can cast their vote for countries, demonstrating the everyman’s opinion without media or government filtering. Sports is another category, representing all sports across the globe, not just the more popular worldwide or hemisphere sports. As Tiepus.com grows, users will be able to rely on the site as a good point of reference for complete or all-inclusive items listed on its site by category.

Tiepus is Entertaining

For people who just like to have a little fun, Tiepus.com also allows its users to vote for their favorite color or movie, and share that with their friends and family through social media. Tiepus.com will be looking for and encouraging users to make suggestions so that Tiepus.com can continue to help people benefit from the new platform.

The Tiepus Idea was Born

Tiepus.com was engineered and developed by consumers for the consumer. The people involved with the creation of Tiepus.com have contributed a lot of time, energy, and their own money out of pocket to fund the project. Large natural or consumer-driven monopolies lose sight of providing a good product or service experience to consumers because they grow too large to care or too large to put in the extra effort to care since the cash cow isn’t going to die no matter what they do; it is a monopoly after all, no matter how it is prepended or labeled. All consumers have had a bad experience with such companies in one way or another. The founders of Tiepus.com are no exception, but rather than letting it go, adrift in the sea of “we can’t control how we are treated,” the founders documented the initial idea for Tiepus.com and launched it, handing over the scribbled napkins to the coders, so to speak.

Tiepus: A Gateway for Recognition

In summary, Tiepus.com is not just another review site, but a way for the consumer to create competition in the marketplace and to give the everyman power to sway public opinion, by voicing their own. Tiepus.com offers a place for the unrecognized person with great ideas, thoughts, and opinions to be recognized. Users can create and modify their own profile, follow other users, and share their work and creativity. Help Tiepus.com make a difference in the upcoming decade and put you, the consumer, in charge of creating a more accountable marketplace and a fun website for everyone.